Goals, strategic objectives and activities

Systems Justice Innovation

We aim to set a social and ecologically just global systems-work agenda from inside Africa’s leading business school by teaching systems change for social impact, convening catalytic systems innovation and fostering global local and global networks to promote systems entrepreneurship. We use Social Systems Innovation as an approach (a set of tools/frameworks/perspectives) that helps us to do social justice work that moves the needle toward a transformed, inclusive and sustainable society. 

Bringing these two concepts together is intuitive because work for social justice is about the means (systems innovation and change) as much as the ends (socio-economic and environmental justice). Where the objective is to fundamentally transform society towards a more equitable status quo for socio-economic and environmental justice.

Our goals:

  1. Amplify the African influence in global systems change education and practise through research, knowledge production, management and teaching;
  2. Catalyse systems innovation and integrative convening to enable more people, institutions and networks to address unjust patterns and unlock novel solutions from the foundations of their organisational systems in working towards socio-economic and environmental justice;
  3. Build and nurture local and global networks that are built with, and diffuse, a systems innovation lens and justice orientation.