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The African Investing for Impact Barometer - Edition 2 - 2014

Published: Jan 2014

Investing for impact (IFI) - the allocation of capital into investments that combine financial returns and positive impact on society and the environment - is on the rise in Africa. Already an international trend, new research shows that it's a growing and significant slice of the South African and Nigerian investment industry pie. This is the conclusion of the African Investing for Impact Barometer 2014. This year's edition, compared to the barometer from 2013 edition, is a clear indication of how fast IFI is advancing in Africa's two biggest economies.

The study is based on website consultations, fund fact sheets and industry association reports. The Barometer surveyed 1 287 funds in total - 951 listed funds and 214 private equity funds or holdings in South Africa, as well as 63 listed funds and 59 private equity funds or holdings in Nigeria.

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