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Webinar | Building your narrative: Marketing, communicating and advocating for large and small systems change

Have you or any one in your organisation ever worried about how to get young people through the door? Have you every wondered about how to create a narrative about your work to attract funding? Have you ever wondered how to build and create social change movements? Then this webinar is for you!

On the 13th May guests joined us as our distinguished and experienced speakers offered their tips and advice on how to answer these questions. The webinar is geared towards assisting organisations with the following: \

  • Utilising marketing and communications to assist in story-telling and creating a narrative about their work. \
  • Utilising marketing strategies to position yourself favourably for further funding. \
  • Utilising marketing strategies to appeal to young people. (To position the NPO space as a potential opportunity for careers and work and To attract young people to programmes). \
  • Utilising marketing to advocate for large scale policy change. \
  • How can story telling be used effectively to provoke the broader system. \
  • How do we effectively make use of and build upon already existing mindsets to create systemic social movements? \
  • How to create movements. Thanks to Awande Dlamini from Ogilvy SA, Dali Tembo from the Culture Foundry Co and Ian Calvert from FURTHER.