Our Team

David Venter

Prof David Venter practised psychology for 15 years before serving in the South African government as the Director-general responsible for communication during the transition from apartheid to democracy. In his latter role he was greatly privileged to spend 10 years working very closely with Nelson Mandela, and later with Thabo Mbeki when President Mandela left office.

On leaving the public service in 1996, he successfully assisted in establishing three negotiation training and consulting companies before joining the faculty of the Vlerick Business School in Belgium where he was awarded numerous Best Teacher awards during his tenure of more than eight years. In addition to Belgium, he has or is still teaching in St Petersburg in Russia, at Peking University in China, the Judge Business School at Cambridge, Trinity College in Ireland, MCC in Hungary and Romania, and the South African universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch. Apart from teaching, he has also regularly consulted to a very wide array of national and multi-national companies.